Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What If?

It has been quite a while since my last post, and I would like to apologize for that. With school, and sick kids thing have gotten a little more difficult. But enough of that...
       I was thinking today about what the future may hold for my family. I was thinking about a lot of "what ifs". What if food prices went up so high that we could no longer afford to make our weekly trip to the store? What if DH lost his job, how would we survive? The list goes on and on. So My Sweet Little Homestead goals this year go right along with my "what ifs".

  1. First and foremost I would like my family to grow closer to God. With everyone being sick we got a little out of the habit of getting up early on Sunday mornings and going to church. I have so much growing to do and I know the only way to do it is through Christ. One thing I want more than anything is to raise good Christian children. I see so many kids today who have no idea who Jesus even is and it saddens me. Ever since I can remember my family went to church on Sundays. It may have been a fight to get out the door, but we went.o matter what. I know that is why my family is so wonderful and strong today. I want this for my husband and children, and not to mention myself.

  2. I would really like to get chickens in the spring. In fact, that is our plan. I'm thinking that 8 chickens, 4 RIR and 4 barred rocks, should do us just fine. As I have previously stated, I already have drawn up a rough draft of a plan I would like to go off of. It is very simple, but will do just fine for our small yard.
   3. I would LOVE to have a huge garden this year. I have already been looking at seed catalogs day dreaming about our first garden at our new home. I know I want to have lots and lots of green beans. We go through a lot and DH cannot stand to eat store bought. I also want to can my own pasta sauce again. Salsa has been something I have been thinking about, as well as pickles. I'm sure there are other things, I just can't think of them right now.
   4. I'm wanting to be more organized this year. Our house is a mess. I have to be one of the most unorganized people in the world. I can organize everything, but within 12 hours it is worse than it was to begin with. This is something I desperately need to work on.
   5. Being a full time student and a full time mom to twins is hard. This last semester I got really off track when everyone got sick. I need more structure. I'm sure that fulfilling # 4 will really help with this.
   6. I need to learn to suck up my pride and ask for help with the kids. My mother has offered many time to take the kids so I can study and do homework but I have always refused. I guess I feel like I'm the one who had the kids and decided to go to school full time so I should just have to deal with it. I have got to get over this. I'm not super woman, I can't do it all!!!!
   7. I want to try and make as many of our products I possibly can. I already make all of out Laundry detergent, but I know there is more that I can do. I have a stockpile of free soaps, so when they run out I would like to try my hand at soap making.
   8.  We would really like to cut back on spending and get some savings built up. If something were to happen right now, we would have nothing to fall back on. We need to stop frivolous spending and put that money away in case of an emergency.

I know that these things are all possible, lets just pray that I can keep up with school anddo everything I have planned......wow, I have a big year ahead of me.

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  1. It's good that you have a plan now, and that you still have the ability to spend frivolously since many don't, you're ahead of the game. You would be surprised at how many seemingly successful people are living day to day supported by credit cards but little cash and huge debt. Due to my husband losing his business (carpentry) in this economy we have made drastic changes and have only the (large) house payment a very small jon boat payment (a little metal thing)but lingering business debt. Our county has been hit very hard with the closing of the auto plants so there is high un or under employment. Fortunately I work and my husband picks up work when he can, even the $8 retail jobs have hundreds waiting in line for a part time position. We grew a very large garden making sure we used heirloom seeds so the seed is viable plus canned, dehydrated and froze whatever we can. We never use a credit card, only cash or debit and a check as the last option for bill paying where they don't do on-line transactions. Good luck with your planning and take all the help you can with the kids. Your education is important.

  2. We don't have and credit cards or anything of that sort. We dont really have the ability to spend, however we still do. It is sad, but the truth. I guess atleast we aren't racking up debit, we are just doing with out. DH pays 1/2 of his check every week to child support so there isnt much left. Our main spending is ciggarettes....WE HAVE TO QUIT!!! I am so tired of literaly burning our money every week.

  3. I have to say I admire you for your ability to be a full-time mom and full time student! I work full-time and had to drop down to part-time classes, but I have no kids.

    I also worry about all of the "what ifs" Check out http://www.mrssurvival.com/ there are a ton of ideas on the forum there to help you become more self-sufficient. The people are great too :)

  4. You can do it Sweet Mamma. The 1st step is having a plan. Just refer back to your list every few weeks to get re-inspired. And, I'm sure your family would be happy to help in whatever aspects you need it. :)

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