Monday, January 9, 2012


Well today was the first day for my online classes. I can honestly say that I am NOT excited about my anatomy and physiology class. On Christmas eve I came home to find my books waiting for me on my front porch. Picture I am all excited to look at what I have to do, I open the first box and pull out a vacuum sealed bag with a fetal pig in it. I gag, yell for my husband and make him take it. I reluctantly pull out the next item and find a jar containing a sheep's eyeball and brain. I almost start crying knowing that I am going to have to touch these nasty things. DH is standing there looking at me wondering what he is supposed to do with them. They are currently sitting on my water softener in the garage. There is no way I am having that crap where I can see it on a daily basis. YUCK!!

This is not going to be a fun semester.....*sigh*


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  2. Oh man, I cannot imagine opening that box! At least you found a place to put them that won't cause you unwanted nightmares.