Sunday, November 20, 2011

Really at Wal-Mart?

On Monday I spent the day in Franklin, Indiana with a good friend of mine. We had a wonderful time hanging out with each other. After we were done with what we went there to do, we decided to go to Wal-Mart. I would just like to say that I hate Wal-Mart. It is really all there is in my small town, and they know it so prices are higher and they do not treat the customer with and respect at all (even though we are who pays their bills). Anyways, I may have found a new appreciation for Wally World. While there I just "had" to go to the baking supplies and day dream, and you'll never guess what I found......WHEAT BERRIES!! I was very surprised it made me think that maybe it's just my Wal-Mart that stinks so bad.

This wonderful find has made me realize how much I have changed in the past few years. I no longer go straight to shoes or purses (I do still go right to the books and crafts) I now go to the baking aisle. I don't get excited about a pair of heals on sale or a new "cool" purse. Instead, I almost have a heart attack over wheat berries. I was so excited I could hardly breath. I called DH out of breath and so excited I could hardly ask if it was ok to buy them. (I didn't need to ask permission, but I just wanted him to be ok with this new adventure) He, of course, said it was ok, and I spent $13.98 on a 25lb bag. I have no idea if that is a good deal or not, but it was the only time I have seen them without going to the mill.

I came home and started looking for a way to grind these bad boys up and no such luck....after moving I seem to be missing one piece of every small kitchen appliance I own. Not to be discouraged I head to my moms. Anything can be accomplished at mom's house. First I tried the food processor, I think it would have worked, but I don't have that kind of time. Next was a coffee grinder, it worked well, but was way too small. Finally I pulled out the blender. It worked great!!! It is a little bit course, but I still made my own flour darn it!!  My moms is very sophisticated and had lots of fancy buttons that mine does not have, so I'll have to experiment when I find the pieces to mine.

Of course I HAD to make something with my freshly ground flour, so my mother and I had pizza. I used my normal recipe, but this time I put my wheat in place of just over 1/2 of the flour in the recipe. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! The texture was perfect, it was nice and moist fluffy and filling. I ate 2 pieces and I was very very full. It was strange, I was super full, but I never got to the miserable full that I normally get.

The next day I had my friend and her children come over for dinner with my babies A and B and two of my step kids R and Z. Since she was the one with me when I made my find I had to make her something with it. I made dinner rolls and once again used whole wheat in place of about 1/2 of the flour. They were really good. I had never made dinner rolls before and I must say that my first try was a success. It is not very often that I get something right on the first try so I am very proud of myself.  My friend loved them and so did the kids. It made me so happy that something I put so much effort in came out so good. (If you read about my bread fiasco you should understand) I lost my charger for my camera so I couldn't take pics, sorry....I'll have to take some as soon as I find it.

Well I guess I have rambled enough for today, I'll let everyone get back to their lives again.


  1. I'm happy you found wheat berries. Just be careful on the country of origin....hate to burst your bubble! Cheap food doesn't equal healthy food.

  2. I was a little suprised, but it was hard white wheat and the brand was Wheat Montana.

  3. This is great I used to buy them all of the time throught the bread beckers but it just got too expensive for our budget. So I will have to check the wal-marts. is having a party please come.

  4. Wow we have twins too!

  5. I am not a fan of Walmart either. Ours is just filled with cheap foreign junk, according to my Hubby. I read this and said I wanna make my own flour too!!!! I think I even had a bit of whine in that too! I use my blender to make oatmeal flour and mine is not fancy, bought it at the thrift store for $3.50. On a 1/4 acre you could have a dairy goat! Enough milk for the family plus cheese and yogurt. Free supplies for the chicken coop- I don't know how things are where you're from, but some of the stores around here have wooden skids laying around for the taking. Some places have stacks and stacks of OAK skids, pallets whatever you call them. Hubby built a goat pen with them. You can also pull them apart and use the boards to build sheds.We have friends that collect them pull them apart and use the boards for their wood burner and throw the nails in cans and then take those to the scrap yard and get few bucks for the cans of nails!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's nice to meet you!